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Top 21 Graphic Design Memes Of All Time

From struggling with clients to following up for late payments, and Photoshop resizing woes, these graphic design memes cover everything!

Do you have a creative block at work, or bored?

Take a quick look at these graphic design memes to get your creative juices flowing.

These are top graphic design memes of all time that every Photoshop-loving, Illustrator-winning, and Mouse-handling designer will love!

These funny memes will have the designer community rolling on the floor laughing.

And if not, they are sure to clear the creative bock or freshen up your day!

Today, memes emerge as social media art, comment & empowerment tool. They float around in various social media channels making our mood light. In short, the Web would become an uninteresting place of constant news, selfies, reliable research and posts in absence of such funny memes.

Fortunately, you don’t have to survive that nightmare! Thanks to the fact that memes are here to ease out our lives. The best thing is that they are funny and quite easy to create. Here, we have created a list of the best graphic design memes of all time.

From struggling with clients to following up for late payments, typography changes, and Photoshop resizing woes, these graphic design memes cover everything! Don’t miss the joy of memetic hilarity.

Check Out These Design Memes And Tell Us How Many Can You Relate To

01. Still Waiting For Payment

Ohhhh, so deep! You might have followed up the client for weeks, months, and year, all you’ve heard is excuses. Isn’t this meme relatable?

graphic designer memes

02. No Gain Without P-E-N

Whoever has used the pen tool in Photoshop Studio can relate with it. If you too have used it, we hope you understand what this meme is all about. You possibly know the pain of trying to select the curved paths or draw.

You are usually pointed to this tool, which is the farthest thing from insightful or intuitive – even after years of its introduction. The pen tool really feels like pain.

memes designs

03. Who’s Interested?

It’s not just the graphic designers are funny or creative. Sometimes, also companies can be. This graphic designer MS paint billboard meme is nailing it!

Of course, they need a professional graphic designer, but making it creative has definitely garnered a lot of praise over the Internet. Next time, when you go on hiring someone, make it worth applying for.

graphic designer

04. MS-Paint Is The King Of The Design Tool

No matter how good you are with Photoshop, Paint remains the favorite. After the drawing books in schools, if anything made us bring-out our creative side during the ’90s, it was MS-Paint! This tool taught us the first lesson of designing.

The pencil, brushes, eraser, color palette, spray paint, and a lot more — it has no dearth of features! If you’re still a fan, this graphic design meme is sure to bring those memories.

photoshop font

05. Need A Design, No Problem!

How many people do you know have done this? Creating a design on your own is one this, but doing this… it’s just WOW! Taking stock pictures, getting away with the watermark, and, the design is finished!

Graphic Designer Reaction

06. Who Are You?

Trust us on this! Graphic designers work hard, create concepts, design well, do the changes, deliver, and wait for the payment for eternity. That’s their reality, that’s who they are.

meme graphics

Next time, if someone asks you — just show him/her this graphic meme.

07. Graphic Design Meme Portfolio

A designer’s portfolio is something that never gets completed. No matter how much effort a designer puts in — it remains incomplete. This graphic design meme brings out that pain in a hilarious way, isn’t it?

Graphic Design Meme

08. User Experience, What’s That?

Everything has to be user-specific. User experience matters, right? And, the award for the best user experience’ goes to this crazy graphic design that sums it up smartly.

User Experience

09. Graphic Design In 2019

Design trends in 2019 have changed. It doesn’t matter whether your design makes a sense or not. It should have an excellent color for sure. WINK, WINK

Graphic Design

10. Designer’s Life

That sums up what designers are destined to do. Birth, file name, and death, that’s all! Check their system, and you would be scared to see their file names. But if you’re a designer, well, there is no need to say anything.

Designer’s Life

11. YES, Photoshop Can Fix Anything…….

Graphic designing experts skilled in Photoshop tool can do almost anything. Next time when you need to fix anything, just give them a call and you are done.

Photoshop Can Fix Anything

12. The Struggle Is Real

What we think about graphic designers ain’t real as per this meme. They actually download free themes, free fonts, stock images, and a lot more. What do you think?

The Struggle Is Real

13. Misunderstood

The typography meme award should go to this! Those who are starting their typography career should understand that slight difference between Arial and Helvetica fonts.


14. Am I A Joke To You?

Need a custom logo design for your business? Why hire a logo designer! Give logo maker or other tools a try. Meanwhile, what designers would feel, that’s right in front of you.

custom logo design

15. Do You Listen To Your Client’s Requests?

Need client meme? Delivered right here! Designers who listen to their client’s specifications and take care of their needs for graphic designs are no less than… well you can figure it out looking below.

Client’s Requests

16. Yes, Of Course!

It’s yet another client meme that will make anyone laugh. When the client tells you to create something for cheaper, this is what happens.

Cheaper Design

17. When Did You Know That?

WordArt Gallery was simply amazing; isn’t it? Selecting different word-art, doing changes, and using in our project was really fun. Even it triggered creative juices in some people.

WordArt Gallery

18. Expectations vs. Reality

Whenever a graphic design project comes up, the client’s expectations seem endless. They want designers to do anything and everything but within a low budget. Can you ignore this reality?

graphic design project

19. Design Meetings

Tired of constant design meetings? Enjoy this meeting meme which will surely brighten up your day.

Design Meetings

20. Fonts A Designer Usually Uses

What’s your font collection size? What you end up using? The whole typeface idea is just a piece of big luggage that we won’t mind carrying.

Fonts Designer Use

21. Everyone Is A Graphic Designer!

What do you do for a living? Graphic designing, that’s what we will hear when we go on asking people what they do.

Graphic designing


We hope that these graphic design memes would have tickled your funny bone. If you have any graphic designer meme in mind, share it with us in the comment section below.

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