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The Perfectly Imperfect Graphic Design Cover Letter

Instead of claiming to be the perfect candidate try a different approach and recognize that you have both strengths and weaknesses.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as the "perfect" cover letter.

As a graphic designer with over 15 years of experience, I've learned that perfectionism can often stand in the way of creativity.

We designers strive for visual harmony and clean layouts, but the creative process itself is messy, full of experimentation and iterations that may not work out as planned.

That willingness to fail and try again is essential.

So, instead of claiming to be the perfect candidate try a different approach. And recognize that you have both strengths and weaknesses, as we all do, but that you believe the positives outweighs the negatives.

Here's a quick template you can use to nail your cover letter in your next application for a graphic design role:

My Background

My design background is rooted primarily in print and digital media. I have worked in graphic design roles for various companies over the last 15+ years. My portfolio showcases work in:

  • Brand identity design
  • Publication and editorial layout
  • Illustration and data visualization
  • Responsive web and mobile app design

The portfolio aims to demonstrate core competencies such as:

  • Developing visually compelling and cohesive layouts
  • Using color, imagery, and typography effectively to convey messages
  • Designing for both desktop and mobile platforms
  • Conceptualizing creative directions and campaigns

I've worked with companies large and small, from well-funded startups to Fortune 500 brands. Some highlights include:

  • Lead designer for 3 startup rebranding projects recently acquired by larger companies
  • Visual designer for a nationally-recognized non-profit organization
  • Winner of AIGA statewide design competition 2 years running

Of course, awards and achievements do not tell the whole story. I believe there is always room for improvement no matter one's level of success. Technical skills can be further developed. Knowledge should continually expand. The quest for self-betterment never ends if one maintains humility, curiosity and a contrarian willingness to question assumptions.

Why This Role Appeals to Me

There are several appealing factors that draw me to this opportunity:

  • The chance to collaborate with other talented designers and creative professionals
  • Working on projects that make a real positive difference in users' lives
  • Your company's commitment to accessibility, ethical design, and environmentally sustainable practices

At the same time, I harbor no illusions that any job or company is perfect. Having worked at various organizations, I understand there will always be frustrations and challenges that arise. Personality conflicts happen. Ideas sometimes get rejected or fail. Technical glitches interfere with workflow. But from my perspective, the positives of this role seem to considerably outweigh the negatives. However, I aim to go into any new opportunity with eyes wide open rather than visions clouded by unrealistic expectations. Navigating workplace complexities requires communication, emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills and a constructive attitude -- all qualities I strive to continually cultivate within myself.

In Closing

In closing, I appreciate you taking the time to thoughtfully review my qualifications. Rather than claiming or attempting to appear as the perfect applicant, my aim has been to provide an authentic and transparent representation of my background, abilities, values and temperament. I believe these align well with the requirements of the role, but invite you to be the judge.

I welcome any opportunity to discuss the position further -- positives and potential downsides alike -- at your convenience. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have that could further inform your decision process. I look forward to hearing your perspectives on the fit between candidate and role.

Thank you again for your thoughtful consideration.

[Your name]

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