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The Best Online Graphic Design Courses

Whether you need an introduction or want to sharpen your skills, online graphic design courses offer practical, flexible, and visual learning.

Online graphic design courses allow you to build your skills on your own time, without having to commit to a full degree program.

From beginner basics to advanced techniques, these courses offer flexible and visual learning experiences to help you achieve your graphic design goals:

Beginner Graphic Design Courses

If you're completely new to graphic design, start with one of these beginner-friendly courses:

  • Graphic Design Masterclass on Udemy - This comprehensive course is one of the best for graphic design beginners. The content covers all the core fundamentals including typography, color theory, design principles, layout, and more. With over 500 lectures and 66 hours of content, you'll get an in-depth introduction to graphic design.
  • Graphic Design Bootcamp on Skillshare - Take a hands-on approach to learning graphic design with real world projects. This course has you design brand style guides, posters, website mockups, packaging, and more to build fundamental skills. It's project-based learning that helps cement design concepts.
  • Introduction to Graphic Design on Coursera - Offered by California Institute of the Arts, this beginner graphic design course gives you a solid overview of key concepts and tools used in the field. The content covers typography, visual hierarchy, design history, color, and more core topics. And it's taught by industry experts.

Intermediate Graphic Design Courses

Once you have the basics down, level up your skills with these intermediate courses:

  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design on Coursera - This multi-course specialization helps you apply graphic design across print and digital media. You'll complete projects for posters, websites, apps, social media, and more. It's a great way to expand your portfolio.
  • Canva Design Course - Canva offers a fantastic free course that teaches you how to design graphics, social media posts, presentations, posters and more with their easy-to-use online design tool. It has multiple levels from beginner to advanced.
  • Introduction to Graphic Design on LinkedIn Learning - Grow your skills for designing in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Key programs for graphic designers. This course takes you through projects for posters, logos, website mockups, and social media. You'll build visual design abilities.

Advanced Graphic Design Courses

Take your graphic design skills to an advanced level with these courses:

  • Graphic Design Specialization on Coursera - The second course in this specialization dives into UI/UX design, typography, branding, motion graphics, and more industry-relevant skills. Work on advanced design projects.
  • Experimental Techniques for Graphic Design on Domestika - Go behind the scenes of real graphic design projects and sharpen your skills through practical exercises. Taught by top design professionals, this advanced course helps polish your creative process.
  • Advanced Training Using Adobe CC on Udemy - Dive deep into professional techniques for typography, layout, branding, and more. You'll get insights directly from experienced graphic designers at Monotype and other companies.

The Takeaway

Online graphic design courses offer a flexible way to build your skills on your own time.

From complete beginner basics to advanced techniques, there are courses fit for every level.

Whether you're looking for a comprehensive introduction or want to sharpen your existing skills, online graphic design courses can help you achieve your goals through practical, flexible, visual learning.

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