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The Best Graphic Design Newsletters

With options tailored to your interests, graphic design newsletters bring you news, inspiration, tools and opportunities right to your inbox.

Staying up-to-date with the latest news and trends in graphic design can be challenging.

With new tools, techniques, styles and voices constantly evolving, it's hard to keep up.

Thankfully, there are some great newsletters that compile the most important and interesting graphic design articles, resources, inspiration, and news to make it easier to stay in the know.

Graphic design newsletters run the gamut from quick daily bursts of inspiration to in-depth weekly reads exploring important issues.

Their focus also varies, targeting news and commentary, visual inspiration, resources and tools, jobs and opportunities, and more.

Here are some of the best graphic design newsletters covering all angles that are worth subscribing to:

Print Magazine publishes some of the leading graphic design newsletters. Their range of options provide both quick daily hits of inspiration as well as longer weekly reads.

  • Print Magazine Daily Heller - Published 5 days a week, featuring commentary on design and visual culture from author Steven Heller. These provide quick daily bites of visual inspiration and insightful commentary on graphic design and culture from one of the leading voices in the industry. Heller highlights new work, exhibitions, history and current issues facing designers in a concise engaging way.
  • Print Magazine Weekend Heller - Steven Heller's weekly roundup of design news and culture. This newsletter dives deeper into the issues and stories impacting designers each week. Heller curates an engaging collection covering graphic design, typography, art, books, exhibitions, and more. This is a great way to catch up on the week in visual culture and stay in the know.
  • Print Magazine Daily Features - Daily articles and interviews from Print Magazine covering craft, creativity and culture. With features on designers, trends, techniques, and stunning visuals, this newsletter broadens the lens to cover all facets of the design world. The daily cadence and broad range of topics make it easy to stay inspired as a designer.

Beyond Print, other publications also offer robust graphic design newsletters showcasing trends, people and visual inspiration happening across the industry.

  • AIGA Eye on Design - Weekly newsletter from AIGA highlighting the most interesting news, people, projects and events happening in the graphic design and visual culture world. With editors scouring the internet each week, this newsletter is a highly curated selection of the graphic design stories and trends you need to know.
  • Typewolf - Weekly typographic inspiration showcasing beautiful type in websites, logos, and posters. This newsletter delivers a short and sweet selection of typography-focused design work. The bite-sized but brilliant inspiration offers endless visual ideas for working with typefaces and lettering to push your own typographic boundaries.

Design Inspiration Newsletters Spanning Graphic Design, Architecture, Product Design and More

General design inspiration newsletters cast a wide net, pulling graphic design trends and projects alongside product design, architecture, illustration and more.

  • Design Milk - Fresh inspiration delivered daily to your inbox. This newsletter spans graphic design works alongside architecture, interior design, furniture, products, and prints. The daily delivery makes staying inspired effortless with original content and curated projects.
  • By People For People - Curated art and design inspiration from creatives around the world. With a focus on highlighting international designers, this global view provides unique inspiration and discovers new voices in the design world. An eye-opening look at graphic design, prints, photography, and illustration.
  • Open Peeps - Weekly indie designer freebies in your inbox. Alongside graphic design projects, this newsletter delivers vectors, icons, illustrations, and fonts designers can use. The regular free downloads make it easy to spice up your own graphic design work.

Design Tool and Resource Newsletters to Stay Updated

Dedicated newsletters on graphic design tools, software, gear, and resources help you keep your skills and process sharp.

  • Design Resources Weekly - Weekly newsletter highlighting the latest design tools, resources, inspiration and deals for designers. This newsletter scans the web to highlight upcoming apps and software, fonts, useful sites, inspirational projects, freebies, events and conferences. For designers looking to stay updated on resources, this provides a timely overview.
  • Sidebar - Daily 5 minute design reads about tools, tips, trends and other tidbits. Covering graphic design alongside UX, research, product design and more, this newsletter delivers quick hits to stay informed. The short daily missives provide fast insights without getting overwhelmed.
  • The Calculated Creative - Weekly 3 minute newsletter read helping you to move from inspiration to realization in your creative career. Covering graphic design alongside business strategy to help you make more money with your creative work. A front row seat at learning how to craft the creative career of your dreams.

Design Job Newsletters to Find New Opportunities

For designers and creatives looking for graphic design job opportunities, specialized newsletters provide customized job openings.

  • We Work Remotely - Weekly newsletter with the latest remote design and tech jobs. This newsletter compiles the best remote openings from startups to large companies hiring designers. With remote work on the rise, their listings help designers find location-flexible opportunities.
  • Krop News - New creative job listings delivered daily tailored to your location and creative field. By specifying your role and location, listings are customized to graphic design jobs in your city and niche. This makes it easy to stay informed on the most relevant openings.
  • AIGA Design Jobs Board - Weekly newsletter with new job postings on AIGA's design job board. The curated selection pulls quality professional design job openings perfect for mid and senior-level designers. Targeted and timely listings.

The Takeaway

Staying current with the graphic design world can be a challenge, but great design newsletters make it easy and inspiring.

Newsletters like Print Magazine's Daily Heller and Weekend Heller provide an insider’s view into the industry through Steven Heller’s engaging commentary and curation.

Publications like AIGA Eye on Design, Typewolf, and Design Milk deliver visual inspiration and highlight important trends.

For resources and job openings, The Calculated Creative, Design Resources Weekly, We Work Remotely and AIGA listings have designers covered.

With options tailored to your interests, graphic design newsletters bring you the most vital news, inspiration, tools and opportunities right to your inbox.

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