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The 7 Elements of Graphic Design Philosophy

Following the 7 core philosophic principles of graphic design elevates beyond decoration to strategic visual communication.

Graphic design is more than just combining fonts, colors, and images.

Good graphic design requires thoughtful consideration of key philosophical elements that elevate a design.

Here are 7 core principles that form the foundation of graphic design philosophy:

1. Communication

The primary goal of graphic design is visual communication.

An effective graphic design clearly conveys a message, story, or information to the viewer.

The style should serve the communication goals rather than draw unnecessary attention to decorative elements.

2. Audience

Know your audience.

Graphic design should be tailored for the intended viewers.

Designs for children will look very different from corporate designs.

Research the target demographics and design accordingly.

3. Simplicity

Strive for simplicity in graphic design.

Eliminate any elements that do not actively contribute to effective communication.

Simple designs are more memorable and stand out.

4. Focus

Maintain a clear visual hierarchy and focus within designs.

Establish a clear entry point for the eyes through dominant elements like headlines or impactful imagery.

Supporting elements should reinforce the main focus.

5. Balance

Balance the various design elements appropriately based on their importance.

Related elements should have visual consistency.

Give enough white space around focal points.

Break up dense sections with spacing between paragraphs and imagery.

6. Unity

Create unity between design elements through consistent styles, layouts, and messaging.

Maintain cohesion while allowing enough variation to add interest.

Repetition of colors, shapes, and fonts helps tie everything together.

7. Emotion

Graphic design can evoke powerful emotions.

Select elements like color, fonts, and imagery to consciously create the desired emotional response.

Designs should align with the intended tone and atmosphere.

The Takeaway

Following these 7 core philosophic principles of graphic design:
- Communication
- Audience
- Simplicity
- Focus
- Balance
- Emotion

Elevates graphic design beyond decoration to strategic visual communication.

Good design requires knowledge, research, and constant refinement to master these essential elements.

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