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Boom! You're In.

I’m not gonna ask you to follow me on social media.

Pay for a subscription to my premium content and courses.

Or even show you my most popular posts.

And thats because this isn't about me.

It’s about you.

And how we help you to craft the creative career of your dreams.


First thing’s first.

I need you to close your eyes.

Okay, maybe after you read this.

But close them and think hard about what it would FEEL like to be doing the creative work you love.

Making money doing it.

Not being stressed out.

Loving the clients you work for.

And being stoked on the work you’re creating.

Click HERE to make a copy of a doc I already set up for you.

Take a few notes on what it will:
- Feel like
- Look like
- Sound like

The more senses you can get involved the better.

Paint a picture so vivid that it gets you excited enough to take action right this second.

We’re gonna reference this each and every time you get advice on what to do next.

See you in the next weekly email 🤘

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