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How to Price Graphic Design Work

Determine rates that reflect your skills while remaining competitive. Here are some tips on how to set your fees and price projects.

Pricing your work as a graphic designer can be challenging. Determine rates that reflect your skills and expertise while remaining competitive. Here are some tips on how to set your fees and price projects fairly.

Know Your Worth

Evaluate your unique combination of abilities and experience when determining rates. For example:

  • Consider years working as a designer, education, and training. A decade of experience commands higher fees than someone just starting out.
  • Assess proficiency in software, visual design capabilities, and technical skills. An expert in Illustrator and Photoshop provides more value.
  • Review client feedback and testimonials. A long roster of satisfied clients is a selling point for premium pricing.
  • Factor in overhead like equipment, software subscriptions, insurance, self-employment taxes, etc. These are the baseline costs for running your business.

Research typical rates in your city for the types of services you offer. A corporate branding project for a large company will have a higher budget than a small startup. Adjust rates appropriately.

Set an Hourly Rate

After analyzing overall skills and experience, establish an hourly rate. Common ranges for graphic design work:

  • Entry level designers: $25-$50 per hour
  • Mid-level designers: $50-$100 per hour
  • Senior designers: $100-$175 per hour

For example, a mid-level designer in a medium cost-of-living city may charge $75/hour.

Be open to project rates too, which provide flexibility for clients. Ultimately what matters is that total fees align with industry norms for your skill level and geographic region.

Price Project Deliverables

For large projects, estimate the number of hours required then multiply by hourly rate to get the total fee.

For small jobs, provide a flat rate per project component. Example project deliverable rates:

  • Logo design concepts: $500-1000
  • Stationery package (business cards, letterhead): $800-2000
  • Brochure design: $1000-3000
  • Website homepage design: $2000-5000

Price packages intelligently too. Offer discounts versus individually pricing a logo, cards, and website. Bundle together for an attractive package deal.

Define Usage Rights

Clarify usage rights and licensing so clients understand how they can use your designs. For example:

  • Limited usage may only cover print materials for 1 year.
  • Extra for web usage or digital advertising.
  • Exclusive rights increases the licensing fee significantly.

Charging for usage protects the value of your intellectual property. Outline rights clearly in contracts and proposals so there is no ambiguity.

Avoid Working for Free

Value your skilled work and avoid free designs. Consider options like:

  • Offering deep discounts to non-profits rather than free work.
  • Bartering designs for services you need.
  • Building your portfolio with fictional conceptual projects, not free client work.

Working for free drags down the whole industry. Price fairly based on a reasonable analysis of your experience and skills.

Following these tips will help you price graphic design work confidently. Find the sweet spot between rates that are fair to you and appropriate for each unique client and project.

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