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Getting Things Done

5 Steps to Becoming More Productive and Focused

The more you fill your brain with info...

The less productive and focused you are.

And when you're getting blasted by texts, calls, emails, and slack messages you need all the help you can get.

Stop relying on your noggin to store anything and everything.

And start using the GTD (Get Things Done) method to externalize info.

Here's how to do it in 5 easy steps:

1. Capture

Have a device, notepad, project management software, etc to take notes.

Somebody needs something from you? Write it down.

Have an appointment? Write it down.

Need a reminder to drink water? You get the idea.

2. Clarify

Here's where you turn your notes into action.

Turn each incoming request into a task with a verb associated.

Create. Add. Send. Start. Brainstorm. Finalize...etc

No incoming message should get ignored.

Either it gets:
- Added to a to-do list
- Forwarded to someone else to handle

Nothing sits unattended.

3. Organize

Now that you have a list of action items for yourself it's time to prioritize.

1. Create one list of things that need to happen quickly.

2. And another of things that are more long term projects.

Sort each by highest priority at the top to least at the bottom.

4. Act

Here's where you get to work crushing out the most immediate tasks at the top of your first to-do list.

5. Reflect

Once you've gotten through the most immediate to-do list items it's time to reflect back on the lists you've created.

Does something need to get bumped up?

Can others be taken off entirely?

Spend a portion of each day making sure that your list is as accurate as possible.

How this is relevant for a:

Freelancer — You have a million things to do and a million more coming in. Create a system. Get organized. And benefit from the end result.

Full-timer — Project management software can become bloated and filled with unnecessary processes. Having your own method for getting things done can help make things more clear.

Dabbler — With a slew of different projects floating around in your head it can be hard to know where to dig your heels in after the fun ideation stage. Here's your answer!

The Takeaway

Turn each incoming message into an actionable item.

Have a process to route it to the correct person (or to-do list).

And free up your brain to have more space and time for wandering.

Allowing you to not only crush those to-do lists.

But reach new creative heights in the process.

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