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Fighting Creative Fatigue: How to Push Through Creative Blocks

Progress in any creative endeavor happens in the struggle. Pushing through resistance is how you build emotional and creative stamina.

Not making enough money (or any at all).

Long hours.

Tight deadlines.

Struggles with application processes.

Not to mention whatever the heck is happening with AI.

It's a wonder how we don't go absolutely insane in creative roles.

We're being pinched from seemingly every angle.

But the only way to ensure that your career comes to a grinding stop...

Is to admit defeat and give up entirely.

Here's 3 ways to fight creative fatigue and push through blocks:

Show Up Even When You're Unmotivated

Motivation is fickle and unreliable.

It comes and goes based on moods, energy levels, and subjective inspiration.

But you can't wait around until you "feel like" working.

Creativity requires discipline and habit.

The way to get unstuck is to commit to showing up anyway and putting in the time.

Set a schedule and stick to it, whether you feel motivated or not.

Even just showing up and doing a small amount of work often leads to getting into a flow.

Ideas start to emerge in the act of doing.

Don't wait for motivation to strike.

Show up consistently and give your creativity space to bloom.

Take Breaks But Don't Quit When Tired

Fatigue and burnout are real challenges all creatives face.

Working while exhausted leads to frustration and poor results.

It's perfectly okay and healthy to take breaks and rest when tired.

Stepping away replenishes your energy and gives you a fresh perspective.

But beware of using being tired as a permanent excuse to stop working altogether.

Taking an infinite break means no progress or growth.

Instead, build regular small breaks into your routine.

Work in chunks of time with planned periods of rest in between.

Honor your energy levels but also push gently through the tiredness.

Persistence in small increments adds up to big results over time.

Rest, replenish and then get back to the work.

Ignore the Inner Critic When Insecure

Doubt and insecurity often sabotage creativity.

An inner critic pipes up saying you're not good enough, skilled enough, or creative enough.

This voice can seem loud and real, but it does not reflect the truth.

The only way forward is to ignore that inner voice of self-criticism.

Don't waste time and energy listening and believing your self-doubts.

Instead, quiet the inner critic through practices like meditation, self-compassion and positive self-talk.

Then focus on the work itself.

Creativity requires courage and vulnerability.

The path of growth means moving beyond what's comfortable.

Progress happens when you silence limiting beliefs about yourself and engage fully in the work.

The Takeaway

Progress in any creative endeavor happens in the struggle.

And pushing through resistance and obstacles is how you build emotional and creative stamina.

Expect to encounter challenges, get stuck, and feel like quitting.

This is all normal.

Stay patient with yourself and the process.

Keep practicing your craft and developing your skills.

Over time you'll experience fewer sticking points and more creative flow.

With grit and perseverance, you will find that struggle leads to breakthroughs and growth.

Obstacles are opportunities to do your best work.

Whenever you're ready, here's how I can help you:

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