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Essential Traits of a Graphic Designer

Designers should develop a diverse creative, technical and interpersonal skillset to meet client goals and effectively connect with audiences.

Being a graphic designer requires a diverse mix of creative, technical, and interpersonal skills.

It takes certain innate talents as well as learned abilities to succeed in this field.

Here are some of the key traits and capabilities graphic designers need to develop.

Highly developed creativity and design skills

Graphic design is a profoundly creative field centered on visual communication and aesthetics. Designers need innate creative talents as well as learned design skills.

  • Strong innate visual sense - Graphic designers require an intuitive and almost subconscious sense of visual aesthetics like color harmony, dynamic layout, and emotional typography. This innate aesthetic sensibility allows designers to craft compelling visuals.
  • Drawing and illustration practice - The ability to draw, sketch, and illustrate ideas by hand is an important foundation for graphic designers. Even designers working exclusively digitally need practice with traditional art like drawing and painting to hone their visual communication abilities.
  • Deep knowledge of design software - Fluency and expertise with programs like Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) is absolutely essential for professional graphic designers. They use complex software like these on a daily basis to actually create and develop visual designs.
  • Layout and composition expertise - Understanding advanced principles of page layout, visual hierarchy, grid systems, and overall information presentation is crucial for graphic designers. They carefully craft page layouts, structure content for readability, and develop organized systems of design.

Technical skills to support design work

Graphic designers work closely with clients, developers, and others to bring ideas to life. Therefore, they need technical skills beyond just design to succeed.

  • Understanding of marketing and branding - Graphic designers work hand-in-hand with businesses, brands, and organizations. They need to think strategically about marketing goals, brand messaging, reaching audiences, and communicating campaign themes. Knowledge of marketing and branding allows designers to create synergistic visuals that enhance brands.
  • Web design capabilities - In the digital age, many graphic design projects involve web design for online media. Designers should have working knowledge of HTML and CSS fundamentals as well as understanding of web design principles like responsiveness and interface interactions.
  • Video editing abilities - Even basic video editing skills give designers more multimedia capabilities. The ability to composite video clips, make simple motion graphics, and apply graphic elements to video helps designers succeed with digital video projects for social media, websites, promotions or ads.

Interpersonal skills for working with clients

Graphic design involves constant collaboration and communication. Strong interpersonal skills allow designers to work effectively with diverse clients and team members.

  • Clear communication abilities - Graphic designers must have clear verbal and written communication skills to collaborate with clients, developers, art directors and others. They need to solicit client needs, explain design decisions, give presentations, and convey technical specifications.
  • Receptive to feedback - Design is an iterative process with constant feedback. Designers should be able to accept constructive criticism from clients and team members with humility, compassion, and grace. They must filter useful feedback from subjective opinions.
  • Diligent project management - Designers juggle multiple projects, clients, deadlines and specifications simultaneously. Excellent organization, attention to detail, and diligent project management skills enable designers to complete numerous projects efficiently.
  • Business and entrepreneurial skills - Freelance designers especially need business savvy to find clients, set pricing, negotiate contracts, invoice accurately, and market themselves effectively. Understanding basic business and entrepreneurship principles is extremely useful.

The Takeaway

Becoming a well-rounded graphic designer takes both innate talents and extensive skills built over time.

Aspiring designers should look to develop a diverse creative, technical and interpersonal skillset to deliver visual designs that meet client goals and effectively connect with audiences.

The field values creative thinkers who can also collaborate well with teams and clients.

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