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5 Steps to Landing a Client (How to Run an Effective Discovery Call)

Use these 5 steps to help guide you through your next discovery and you may just be surprised where it takes you.

You landed a client!

Or so you thought…

Until you started getting excuses as to why they didn’t want to sign the contract.

Taking any ideas of a pay day along with them.

But getting the “runaround” doesn’t have to be the norm.

By following a few simple steps you’ll be able to:

- Identify the actual pain point
- Overcome a clients concerns
- Land more creative work

Here’s how to run an effective discovery call with a potential client that hasn’t hired you yet:

1. Have a Goal

Create a clear agenda and control the conversation.

The idea is not that you’re trying to get the person to buy from you…

Its simply to get the them to make a decision.

And that’s because the process of getting them to make a choice leaves them empowered as opposed to feeling like you scammed them out of money.

2. Answer Key Questions

Why are we here?

And how can I help you?

The biggest advantage you have is when the client first expresses that they have a problem and need your help solving it.

Most conversations go off the rails when the subject leans too far away from the two topics above.

Stick to them at all costs.

3. Be Clear About the Problem

Now that you know what prompted the potential client getting on a call you can focus on gaining clarity.

Be clear about the problem and make sure there isn’t any disconnects as to what it actually is.

Many times projects become difficult when you get half way in and realize you’re trying to solve something that doesn’t actually need to be solved.

You can’t create a happy client if you don’t know the real thing you’re both working toward.

4. Overcome Obstacles

By overcoming these 3 obstacles you can empower them to make their own decision about what to do next.

Think of it like peeling back the layers of an onion until you get to the very center.

1st — Circumstances (time, money, product/service issues)

2nd — Other people

3rd — Themselves (time delay, avoidance, status)

5. Ask for the Business

If you’ve gone through the other steps outlined above then it’s as simple as asking for the work.

Prospect not ready yet? No worries.

Find other ways that you can add value by recommending other reading, resources, or by providing some small nugget of insight.

When they’re ready you will have given them the most professional experience they’ve ever received…and the work will eventually come as a result.

The Takeaway

It’s easy to let client conversations ramble off about unrelated topics.

Which is all fine and dandy if your goal is simply to build a relationship.

But sometimes you need to be more focused on where you’re headed.

Use these 5 steps to help guide you through your next discovery and you may just be surprised where it takes you.

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