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3 Ways to Brag the Right Way (and Make More Money While Doing It)

Learn to brag about your work.

Because most days managers have no idea what you’re doing.

But by learning how to showcase your work you can:

- Increase your pay
- Gain more responsibility
- Attract better work

Give your boss the material to build an awesome story about you!

Here’s how to do it in 3 easy steps:

1. List Accomplishments

Create checkin meetings to tell your boss exactly what you did the week prior.

By leading with what you did well you set yourself up for future success.

Note what worked and why.

And be clear about the role you played in each small win.

2. Surface Issues

Ask more questions about what might not be going right.

By having this conversation you can begin to outline steps you can take to stack up the wins in Step 1.

This also allows your boss to help block and tackle for you instead of you having to go and do all of that yourself.

The less road blocks to success the easier it is to get to the end outcome.

3. Outline Priorities

Now that you know where you put your focus for the coming week make a to-do list.

Be sure to rank each task in order of importance and provide reasoning for why you think it needs to be that way.

Then ask how your boss how they would make adjustments.

They have a different viewpoint on business needs and goals and because of that they may see something you don’t.

That’s it! 3 easy steps you can use to maker sure your work is getting the attention it deserves.

What’s even better is that by following these steps you open up better lines of communication for your boss.

Creating a more productive work environment AND a better relationship with your co-workers along the way.

And you don’t have to feel sales-ey, scammy, or sleezy in doing it.

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