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3 Interpersonal Steps to Creative Growth (Stop Chasing Status)

Nobody will remember your salary, promotions, or portfolio…

Chasing status is a waste of time.

Because pay, accolades, and awesome work all come from first being a better human.

Here’s 3 interpersonal steps you can take that lead to creative growth:

1. Tell a Story

It’s arguably one of the things that makes us most human.

And by being more open about your struggles you can more easily connect to others who have had their own.

Everybody has their own 3 part version of the heroes journey:

- Departure

- Initiation

- Return

Have you told yours recently?

2. Solve Problems

Don’t be the expert. Be the guide.

Each one of us has nuanced knowledge on a topic that someone else doesn’t.

And by helping them come to their own conclusions on a solution to a similar problem you immediately begin to share a common experience.

3. Create a Connection

Tell someone what you appreciate about their work.

Lift somebody up.

Take time to meet without an end goal in mind.

And instead of treating social media like a waste of time use it as a medium to pursue more meaningful connections.

Even if it’s just a quick compliment this can be the thing that keeps somebody else in pursuit of that end goal.

How this is relevant for a:

Freelancer — Being on an island by yourself can feel lonely. But opening up to others about your journey and difficulties can help to build a more robust community of those in the same boat.

Full-timer — Different departments may have a slew of team members with different backgrounds, experiences, and feelings. Connecting with each of these people can create a platform for some incredible work.

Dabbler — Figure out what you have to offer the world that you can make money from can often times feel like an impossible task. But starting with your own background, learnings, and connections can put you on the road toward future success.

By learning how to connect more deeply with others you can:

- Land more work
- Create a stronger network
- Build better friendships

All because these external rewards come from first doing deeper interpersonal work.

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